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Various Artists - 1001 Nights

Various Artists - 1001 Nights
LabelDiscovalley Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Double Trouble - 1001 Nights
02 Nasha - Pulsha Deep
03 Fraktal Noise - Sorojochi
04 Innersound - Jetlag
05 Stereographic vs Silent Horror - Dream
06 Stranger - Ti Ora Ine?
07 Bash - Confined
08 Claw vs Silent Horror - Amityville Revisted
09 Dark Elfaki - Exxxotic Liquid

1001 nights is the 7th compilation from the first label based in Goa, and providing worldwide the top night psychedelic trance music in order to make dancefloors erupt, as we all know what sacred mission Teo and his family have fixed years now...

Come with us to count these nights and to explore this wonderful tale.
Double Trouble from Greece starts with the title of the V/A, heavy and simple piece, very tribal and with an oriental detail u will surely remember after 10 centuries and one night!!!

Nasha from France comes along to continue our story; it's her first appearance, and a strong one. Creepy and acid elements, also with a tribal touch, all well adjusted, make it a must have for blasting.
Third is Fraktal Noise's turn from the shores of Ibiza. No need for introduction, electricity and power reside in this track, very crispy and layered masterpiece!!!

Innersound comes from the biggest island of Greece; Creta and is as always industrial and distorted, with a tech inspiration that makes u feel like u will never stop dancing. Jetlag indeed!!!

Next u will experience what we call a Brazilian and Indian versus... Stereographic and Silent Horror give us this powerful combo. Feel the frequencies of the great basslines and get lost with all the darkish and funky-acid that keep playing in the background, torturing your mind and moving your body all along!!!

Stranger, from North Greece, one of the pioneers of the Greek dark sound expanding worldwide like a virus... Switches in his basses make it very groovy and will shake u, with cybernetic synths, that won't let u off a minute. Clean, well constructed and going up, with no reachable limits.

Bash is our new blaster artist from Brazil, with a lot of potential that u are going to discover fully in here. His music sounds like a destroyed horror video game, super heavy and trashed it is driving u in the bottom of your consciousness, but in front, full of energy resulting in...sweating!!!

Master Claw from Cyprus returns on our musical selection, this time not alone but along with no other than Silent Horror from India. We think u might have an idea of what comes... Don't u? Very rhythmical, pure bass and cyber parts combined with fear signs will make u crunch more and move like no other time. Superb structure and awesome delivery!!!

Dark Elf from Greece closes this V/A, with a 'dreamy' but still very atmospheric track in the way we all know by now. It's simple, percussive, and with wide landscapes and some forestial touch he always likes to give us. Loose yourself in it till the next collector compilation that will come sooner than the others! Perfect for closing!!! Enjoy!!!