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Various Artists - 6 Dimension Soundz Mixed By Sharaku

Various Artists - 6 Dimension Soundz Mixed By Sharaku
Label6-Dimension Soundz
Typecompilation, CD


01 Dirty Dreds - Black Cat
02 F-Virus - Ahdistustila
03 Calamar Audio feat. Anx - Slime In The Noseroaster
04 Salakavala - Roller
05 Igor Swamp - Katotaanyy
06 Flying Scorpions - Hostage Situation
07 Exuus - Incongnito (Live Remix)
08 Texas Faggott - Peepwhocame
09 Mandalavandalz - Virtual Koto
10 Lightman Jr - Shinkansen
11 Flying Scorpions - Equadoor Remix

6 Dimension Soundz presents their Fifth Anniversary album. 5 years has passed since 6 Dimension Soundz was established in 2002.

Last October, many great artists such MANDALAVANDALZ SQUAREMEAT, FLYING SCORPIONS, IGOR SWAMP came all the way from Finland to celebrate 6 DIMENSION SOUNDZ 5th anniversary party.
This party ended with lots of success and it proved that the suomi soundi has caught many Japanese party people's heart.

6 Dimensions Soundz has released 9 albums which are mainly composed by Finnish great musicians. And, for the 10th CD, DJ SHARAKU, the label mixed it with his own taste.

Sharaku started to be a collector since 1992 and has done many sessions with worldwide collectors then GLOBAL DATMAFIA was formed by him in 1997. From at that time he has continuously giving a great influence on Japanese trance scene. His 6 dimension soundz establishment and his activities are well known in Japanese underground trance scene.

This entire MIXED CD features all previously unreleased tracks.

Especially to you, Sharaku would like to present the latest IMPOSSIBLE SOUNDS from 6 Dimension Soundz.

Don't miss it!!

Various Artists - 6 Dimension Soundz Mixed By Sharaku: Front