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Various Artists - A Chain of Mind

Various Artists - A Chain of Mind
LabelTriplag Music
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - A Chain Of Mind


01 Neutral Ethos - High Sky
02 Toxic Anger Syndrome - Zoosh
03 Oxidelic - Monipamonia
04 Amorphous & Poteto - A Chain Of Mind
05 Fatal Discord - Insideout
06 Baal - Corpse Explosion
07 Far East Ghost - Computadores Fazem Arts
08 Magma Ohm - Umbrela Achive
09 Enichkin - The Light Of Reason
10 Sectio Aurea - Sistema Uomo

Triplag Music is proud to present the seventh release , A Chain Of Mind. Compiled by Triplag Music label DJ e-MO (Masaru Ozaki) it brings together a very tastefull and exotic blend of artists from Japan, Russia, Sweeden, Venezuela, Brazil and Switzerland. And here is what idea e-MO put behind this VA:
"I made this CD with the intent of utilizing music to synchronize the volition and thoughts inside my own head with those of others. I chose music as the medium of expression for the "Senses", which can be neither expressed vocally nor manifested in physical shape. This CD will become a catalyst to draw out the dormant power that lies within not only the trance freaks, but within every human and living being in the world. When the mind on the receiving side of music and the mind on the producing side of music synchronize, I believe that this is when the deeply rooted true form of music - the form in which it was meant to be - is realized. This compilation is a message under the guise of music from DJ e-MO (Triplag Music/Japan) and the participating artists.I would like to offer my appreciation and respect to all of the artists throughout the world who empathized with this volition of mine"

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