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Various Artists - A Taste of Dragonfly 4

LabelNova Tekk Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 UX - Alien Earth Activity
02 Killing Joke - Jana (Hallucinogen Remix)
03 Shakta - Space Flowers (Dirty Guitar Mix)
04 Pleiadians - Moon In Your Window
05 The Muses Rapt - The Return Of The Travellers
06 Zodiac Youth - Don't Smoke Acid (Elysium Mix)
07 Total Eclipse - Aliens
08 Oforia - Compulsive Dance
09 Genetic - Change
10 Celtic Cross - Hicksville

UX - Alien Earth Activity

'Please analyze and activate.'

'This frequency is no longer operational.'

Pleiadians - Moon in Your Window

'Is there a moon in your window? Is madness laughing? Can you still run down the beach, ... below without a hit.'

Sample from Jim Morrison 'The Doors - The American Prayer'

Celtic Cross - Hicksville

'Oh my God, are we ever in Hicksville?'

William S. Burroughs