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Various Artists - Abracadabra

Various Artists - Abracadabra
LabelHorns & Hoofs Entertainment
Typecompilation, CD


01 Mantik - Siu Nim Tao
02 Alic - The Gentle Way Of Mind-Destruction
03 Fuzzion - Black Magic (Live Remix)
04 Metalogic vs Lawrence - Fabricated
05 Midi Miliz - Model 1 (Epi Centrum Remix One)
06 Fuzzion - Acid Flash (Original Mix)
07 Metalogic vs Tao - Through Your Head
08 Rockitmen - Elephant's Boogie
09 Kino Oko - Beat, Rhythm And Harmony
10 Mass Turbo - Sin Sinati

Progressive Electro-Trance meets Psychedelic Deep Techno! Sixth release from our H&H crew and this time compiled and presented by nobody else then the tech-trance guru himself: DJ Alex Tolstey (Boshke Beats/Gravity Plus/Triple Distilled Prod)!

By delivering unique and abracadabrish sonic vision, based on wide international DJ and producer experience, injecting unique Boshke taste into the Horns and Hoofs vein, Alex succeed to come up with 10 absolutely fresh and super driving tunes which are going to set the tech-trance genre's taste for Summer'06 season ! Extravagant mass hypnosis with vanguard approach!

Top class quality of production and creative fresh Ideas blended with taste and knowledge, checked and approved on many different dance-floors of different dimensions all around the World--that's what Abracadabra is about.

Various Artists - Abracadabra: Front