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Various Artists - Ace's and Kings

Various Artists - Ace's and Kings
LabelAS Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Switch - Revers Only (Hydrofield Remix)
02 Iron Madness - Maximum Game
03 Dragon Boyz - Human Trafic
04 Ex-Gen - Save The Disco
05 Krox - Uglatz
06 Soundma - Trouble Shooting
07 Hydrofield - The Maya Project
08 Sb-Noise - Electronic
09 Try2fly - Fear & Loathing

AS Records, an Israel based company, was founded during 2001.

Avi Sayag, well known as a major production player at the industry, established AS Records with clear aim of being market leader. Together with known and talented DJ's like: Hydrofield, Iron Madness, Switch, Wizax, Mad Psychos, GaTimo, SB-Noise, Tryfly, SounD.M.A, Spacenoize, Polytox, DragonBoyz, Floating Frequencies and more, Mr. Avi Sayag intend not Only to create the best enjoyable music possible, But, also to get it alongside with fun and clear roadmap for improvement and personal development of the Partners.

AS Records involves with Party's production mainly in Europe and lately at Mexico. As a base, Israel is the major ground for party's production. AS Records are looking to expend with having new high motivated talented partners who would like t to perform under successful and supportive environment.

Various Artists - Ace's and Kings: Front