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Various Artists - Acid Transmission

Various Artists - Acid Transmission
LabelTrishula Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Witch - Fractal Generator
02 Zoolog - Contradictionary
03 Purosurpo - Multi Range
04 Arabali - Mars Is Amazing
05 Attoya vs Oil - Escaping The Bubble
06 Karash - Likadelic
07 Oil - Behemot
08 Olien - Dynaversum
09 Mind Distortion System - Looking At The Sky
10 Psyfactor - Mythical

Acid Transmission is the new compilation by Trishula Records, 10 fresh & unreleased musical journeys.

The transmission is powered by 10 artists, no need to introduce them as you know all of them as most of them having released music at Trishula before or other labels well known for their psychedelic music..
The concept is to dig deeper and further into the realms of psychedelic trance. The album is an exploration into the emptiness (sunyata) of our minds and to celebrate it with ecstatic dancing on the dance floor. Fat bass lines accompanied with strong kick drums with a sauce of well cooked synthesis and fx sounds. An acid transmission in 10 chapters to complete within 80 minutes!

A full power psychedelic compilation guaranteed for joyful moments in time and space.

Various Artists - Acid Transmission: Front