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Various Artists - Advanced Options

Various Artists - Advanced Options
LabelYoYo Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Atomic Culture - Fluffy Puppy
02 Basic - Sync
03 Onyx & PTX - Insight
04 Time Lock - TNT
05 Sub 6 - Droid Save Da Queen (X-Noize Remix)
06 Echotek - Iron Man
07 Double Impact - Limit Air
08 Quantum - Breakdown
09 Fatali - 2nd Episode
10 B-Wicked - Shell Shocks

"Advanced Options" is a series of compilations that will showcase BNE's artists very own musical selection, enabling the listener to get a taste of their dj's capabilities and current musical choices.

Our very own uprising star producer Felix Nagorsky A.K.A Timelock was chosen to compile the 1st chapter, Timelock has gained a huge crowed of followers since the release of his debut album "Power Charge" that hit the world of Trance at the end of last year. Timelock's unique sound and production capabilities are second to none and his amazing music is rocking the worldwide scenens with huge success for quite some time now. In "Advanced Options" Timelock selected a hot line up of artists of his very own choice: Atomic Culture – The most hyped collaboration of the year of Atomic Pulse and Protoculture. Basic – Our upcoming hit act Basic unleash its mega bomb, so sync in! Onyx vs PTX – Yaniv & Patrick with a knock out studio collaboration, a floor killer. Timelock – TNT, explosive new track since the release of "Power Charge" Sub6 – The Xnoize remix for "Droid Save Da Queen" that is in everyone's playlists Echotek – Micha deliver us another electro fused trance bomb with quality production Double Impact – The rising new act with a new monster track that rocked the soulclipse festival. Quantum – Don't Breakdown from Gidi's new track, Gidi is cooking some amazing new music these days. Fatali – a taste from the highly anticipated "Dawn" album. Bwicked – Our freestyle act now turned to trance, what a surprise hides at the end of the CD.