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Various Artists - Afula On II

Various Artists - Afula On II
LabelCom.Pact Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Sesto Sento - Afula On Vol.2 - Compiled by Sesto Sento


01 Aquatica feat. Sapir - Angels
02 Systemic vs Apocalypse - Lock Head
03 Gataka - Disco Jockey (Sesto Sento Remix)
04 Intergalactic - This Is 001
05 Sesto Sento vs System Nipel - The Sixth Nipple
06 Gataka - Dreaming Mode
07 Systemic - Fly On
08 Ferbi Boys vs Gilix - Gymnasty
09 Flipper - Booa Style

The Sesto Sento guys are back, presenting the second chapter in the successful Afula On compilation series. Sesto Sento without doubt is considered as one the leading Trance acts in the world.

Afula is the base city of Sesto Sento and many other bright lights, which have followed their lead, and have contributed greatly the the global and domestic rising full on scene.

Afula On Vol.2 has been carefully selected and is presenting 9 previously unreleased tracks thoroughly tested across the globe with enormous success.

With tracks by Aquatica, Sesto Sento, Gataka, Apocalypse, Intergalactic, Systemic and Flipper who can go wrong Afula On Vol.2 is another exciting release from Sesto Sento, destined to rock dance floor all over the globe, a release which is straight forward, hard and soft, achieving totall balance and excitement.

Various Artists - Afula On II: Front