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Various Artists - Agitato Homemade 3

Various Artists - Agitato Homemade 3
LabelAgitato Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Cyber Cartel - Agitato Homemade Vol. 3


01 Spinal Chord - Lucid Mind
02 Opium Of The Masses - Tunnel Of Energy
03 Toast3d - Inner Vision
04 Wizzy Noise - Full Range
05 Space Buddha - Loud & Clear (Remix)
06 Digital Eclipse - Spectra
07 Cyber Cartel - Back From Space
08 Beat Hackers - Two Parts
09 Counterpoint - The Kingdom Of Music

The new & 3rd Agitato Homemade v/a volume is the best way to taste from the freshly queezed sounds from Agitato artists' studios.

Homemade vol.3 compilation includes 9 massive productions, previously unreleased & ready to create a wild storm.

Revolutionary acts as Space Buddha, Opium of the Masses, Wizzy Noise, Cyber Cartel & Beat Hackers spinning the world on an endless tour of their lives side by side with the new generation of the full on culture. A nice dip into the next year debut album releases staring our shining comets: Toast3d, Spinal Chord, Digital Eclipse & Counter Point.

Various Artists - Agitato Homemade 3: Front