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Various Artists - Ah Puch

Various Artists - Ah Puch
LabelShaman Films Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Ah Puch, Lord of The 9Th Demension


01 Electrypnose - Pyatizvezdnaya Remix
02 Darknoizz vs Ankur - The Numbers
03 Audiopathik - Eye Of The Beast
04 Para Halu - Space Camembert
05 Ocelot - 30 Seconds Left
06 Xyla - Ancient Future Remix
07 Ghreg on Earth - Serpentine Apotheosis
08 Amanda - Moosey
09 Datakult - Necronomicon

Shaman Films is a San Francisco based Dark Mental Trance label with a mission to bring to the world fresh unreleased tracks from the finest selection of dark night twisted mental sounds by International Psy Trance masters as well as Visual Artists from all edges of the globe and each is noted as being masters of their region and their art form. Shaman Films vision is to unite as a hub for all Visual Artist to come together anqqqsd creates a worldwide collaboration of the most talented Visual Masters the Trance scene has to offer! Releasing both AUDIO/VIDEO Disks and specially set to synch to the Music and to its form. Each time releasing both the Music Artist and the Visual Artists as well!

Various Artists - Ah Puch: Front