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Various Artists - Ahimsa

Various Artists - Ahimsa
LabelDacru Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Ahimsa


01 Principles of Flight - The Gloopy GumGum Song
02 Concept - Legalize
03 A.P.E - Space Shift Rave
04 Lost and Found - Slavedriver
05 Frozen Ghost - Metal On Metal
06 Scorb vs Bolt - Restimulated (Remix)
07 Khopat - Re Activate
08 Random feat. Electrypnose - Gimini
09 Oil - Touch Your Nose
10 Psyboriginal vs Shivamoon - Baked Or Fried

01 Ephedrix vs Lamat - Fade To Gray (Lamat Remix)
02 Sufi - Heretic
03 Evoice vs Aquila (2) - Mr. Mika
04 Combinations - Push It
05 Slug - Pressure
06 Erebus - Hibidijibidees
07 Nexus - Nasty Patch
08 Mechanix - Impatient
09 Project Chaos - Innocent Youngsters
10 Delysid - Boiling

Dacru Records and Rudraksh Records join forces to bring you this collection of 20 previously unreleased tracks ranging from morning to night-oriented full on music with a solid emphasis on twilight. The tracks were kindly donated as an act of solidarity by the artists and all the profit of this release will be donated to 'Human Rights Watch' in India, and to the Gandhian village at Sevapur in Tamil Nadu. Daksinamurti came up with the idea of this compilation after shocking experiences in Pune / India in March 2007 where all 280 guests of a party were arrested on pure suspicion and were brutally treated by the police. Ahimsa is a Sanskrit term, meaning non-violence.

It is a rule of conduct that forbids the killing or injuring of living beings. It is closely connected with the notion that all kinds of violence entail negative karmic consequences.

Various Artists - Ahimsa: Front
Various Artists - Ahimsa: Back 2
Various Artists - Ahimsa: Back
Various Artists - Ahimsa: Inside
Various Artists - Ahimsa: Inside 2