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Various Artists - Air

Various Artists - Air
LabelAltar Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Air


01 Zymosis - Zeta Bieng (Flute Remix)
02 Aquascape & Skydan - Voice Of The Universe
03 DJ Zen & Jace - Speak Your Mind (Open Air Remix)
04 Tentura - Discover
05 Shakri - Aurora Borealis
06 Chronos - Sacral Meeting (Rmx)
07 Asura - Dust and Daffodils
08 Aes Dana - Air Conditionning
09 Ra - Cloudwalker
10 Solar Fields - Air Song (Remix)

Altar records presents its first compilation under the theme of the first element : AIR.

In the course of 2009 throughout 2010, Gabriel aka Dj Zen (Altar Records' producer) will be compiling - for your pleasure - a total of 5 high quality compact discs - high quality in terms of the excellent artists presented in the compilations, the fully recyclable product packaging and last but not least their collection
value : the discs will be limited to an output of 300 in total, each with a unique hand-written number.

Each lot of 300 Cd's will be professionnally printed in Quebec, Canada, in Digipack "Mailer" Eco-friendly format, therefore saving on transportation costs
normally involved in the distribution process. The lots will be distributed by and on Discogs for the CD format, as well as in all the good digital distribution stored on the Internet such as Beatport, Goatracks, etc.

Dj Zen has given himself the task of producing an exclusive worldwide series under the Elements theme : first comes "Air", in spring 2009 "Water",
then , "Fire" will come in the course of summer 2009, "Earth" in the fall and finally "Ether", scheduled for the winter 2010.

Early 2009, "Air" will come out and will be featuring string and wind instruments that will make you float high up into melodic heavens with known artists Asura, Aes Dana, Solar Fields, Zymosis, RA, Chronos..,
without forgetting some high quality danceable psychedelic ambiant compositions that are sure to prime the dancefloors of your upcoming parties!

Don't miss your chance to get a copy - there won't be many and the collectioner status
of these discs will be in effect with the first 200 copies sold.