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Various Artists - Aliens Disco

Various Artists - Aliens Disco
LabelNMC Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Rhythmystec - Cathexis
02 Slinky Wizard - Slick Witch
03 Unconscious Collective - Fluorostani Transcendance
04 Tranceplant - Dying Planet
05 Tranceplant - Inverse Propulsion
06 P. Cok - Em Em
07 Zouk pres. Transcendental Experience - Vicious
08 P. Cok - Ta Koli

Rhythmystec - Cathexis

'Around emittent imagination'

'Follow your bliss and don't be afraid!'

First sample is a quote by Carl Sagan, second is by Joseph Campbell.

Unconscious Collective - Fluorostani Transcendance

'Welcome to psychic voyages, passengers for the personal reality transplant to Fluorostan please proceed to ... and commence your meditation.'


'Where are we going? I don't know, but one thing I do know. What's that? Whatever it is, it's a long way from Patsovia'

Various Artists - Aliens Disco: Front
Various Artists - Aliens Disco: Back
Various Artists - Aliens Disco: Inside
Various Artists - Aliens Disco: Inside 2
Various Artists - Aliens Disco: CD