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Various Artists - Alpha Rhythms

Various Artists - Alpha Rhythms
LabelWildthings Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Reality Grid - Twisted Reality
02 Reality Grid - Feedback Therapy
03 Avalon - Stars
04 Dj Beardy & Nix Corrective - Alpha Wave Rhythms
05 Error Corrective - Drugability
06 Hoodwink - Monomaniac
07 Hoodwink - Prismism
08 EVP - Hippy Bullshit
09 EVP - Illogical Process
10 Psymmetrix - Universal

Wildthings Records ongoing mission to release cutting edge U.K underground psychedelic music steps up a gear with the release of our 2nd compilation Alpha Rhythms.

These are the freshest sounds coming out from London and Southern England where the Wildthings artists have taken their production and ideas into a new stratosphere, combining both the psychedelic positive mental mind set with the well needed funkin energy we think the dance floors globally, will love.

Various Artists - Alpha Rhythms: Front