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Various Artists - Amonit People

Various Artists - Amonit People
LabelOrganic Alchemy Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Amonit People


01 Kraft - Waterphonix
02 Flucturion - Lapek Hedalek
03 Kraft - Subharmonic
04 Furious - Zayatz Rolls
05 Already Maged - Under The Moss
06 Mindex - Hunting
07 Furious - Kak Bi Vse Ne Gluk
08 Uform - Amonit People
09 Fearkiller - Reverse Readout

Organic Alchemy records is based in Russia and was established in 2006. The label is based on releases with a special conception of music out of time, with quality and interesting sounds, where every track will be singularly selected! This is the first release, including 9 trips into the powerfull magic worlds of Ancient Shamans, Great Spirit and secrets of the Universe.

Various Artists - Amonit People: Front