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Various Artists - And the Gods made love

Various Artists - And the Gods made love
LabelRevolve Magazine
Typecompilation, CD


01 Broken Toy - Necessary Roughness
02 Rastaliens - Shapeshifter
03 Reality Grid - ET integration
04 The Ataris - Aeroholix
05 Fortu - Fiver (Remix)
06 Lemurians - Unexpected
07 Sine Die - Deep Space Logic
08 Bufferzone - Hypersenses
09 Beatnik - Stealing Time
10 Bitkit - Connection

This is the eighth magazine and fifth promo CD.

And the CD has more of an underground fresh psychedelic style than the last one. It's still got a bit of variation on it as well which makes it a far more interesting listen than most Cds out there, and also has some really choice DJ-friendly numbers sure to rip any dance floor. There are some absolutely storming tracks on this it's one of the best compilations out there at a fraction of others price with 5 night, 5 morning sound.

There's some old names on there like the Lemurians with one of the more psychedelic tracks and new ones like the Ataris from Israel and Beatnik with a great flowing morning track one of the names to look out for from the UK. Broken Toy, Rastaliens, Sine Die are well-known around the world, BufferZone are about to break out from Australia where they're very well-known and Bitkit one of Belgium's leading artists has already been booked to play at many of this Summer's European festivals.

Reality Grid represent the cream of London's UK underground and London's Fortu has appeared on various comps released by Transient and on Tsuyoshi Suzuki's Feedback Recording label.

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