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Various Artists - Anti Phase

Various Artists - Anti Phase
LabelCom.Pact Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Visual Contact vs Simply Wave - Simply Crack
02 Apocalypse vs Systemic - Bonanza
03 Ferbi Boys - Doogon
04 Bizzare Contact - Run Away (Electro Sun Remix)
05 Sesto Sento - People
06 Aquatica - Genessis
07 Ultravoice vs Michele Adamson - Electronic Playground (Special Compact Edit)
08 Cosmic Tone - I Volume
09 Ultravoice - Power Me Up
10 Lish - On The Edge 2006 (Live Edit)

Anti Phase CD is definitely another colorful, strong and outstanding release, hand picked and signed by DJ BOG, uniting between innovative sound and top notch production from the inside out.

Dj BOG presents to you another fine compilation, thick and packed, presenting tracks by Ultravoice, who is currently performing strongly all over the world and is getting ready for the release of his Ultravoice and friends CD. Sesto Sento, in the process of completing their third featured album, Cosmic Tone, which has just released a 12' and is working on his forth album, brings his sweet and powerful sound to this compilation.Ferbi Boys with their profound sound, currently promoting the release of the full Ferbi Boys - Twilight Zone CD. Electro Sun presents a remarkable remix to the legendary track 'Run Away', originally produced by Bizzare contact.Lish presents a special live edit remix to their successful track 'On the edge' (Free Fall CD), a strong and powerful dance floor version.Aquatica and newcomer Systemic spice up things with another remarkable hit, thickening this CD and largely contributing to its character.

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