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Various Artists - Apsaras

Various Artists - Apsaras
LabelFungi Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Apsaras


01 DarkPsy - Walking Hyper
02 Leppy - Vector Connector
03 Overhuman Project - Mechanikal Mind
04 Vectro Electro - Star Track
05 Concept - Blow
06 Virus - Oblivion
07 Mind Expander - Crack It
08 Psilocybe Project - Summer Fall
09 Ignition - Under Attack (Remix)
10 Bunker Jack - Liquid Night

Starting with an aggressive dark power and finishing with some melodic High vibes, Sparks attents to conquer.A must have to every dj!!! The theme of this compilation are the Apsaras that are female divinities. They are celestial dancers who are attendants of Kama, the God of Love. Apsaras are forest spirits and water nymphs who also inhabit Indra's heaven. Apsaras are able to change shape at will. They are sometimes employed by the gods to tempt Rishis or Brahmans in order to test the sincerity of their devotion. With knowned artists such as Darkpsy or Concept that have released 2 albums each and several tracks in several compilations, Vectro Electro that also released his album recently, Mind Expander our new and promising project, Psilocybe project, Virus, bunker Jack, Ignition, Leppy and Overhuman project from Colombia.

Leppy - Vector Connector

"It's probably not plugged in!"

"...plastic shit."

"A man's atitude goes some ways... the way his life will be..."

First two from GTA Vice City, third from Mulholland Drive

Various Artists - Apsaras: Front