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Various Artists - Area 51 vol 2

Various Artists - Area 51 vol 2
LabelPlanet B.E.N. Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Area 51, Vol. 2


01 JX & Hamilin - Tha Groova
02 Gaudium vs Visua - From here to there
03 Bitcrusher - Really Sick (FM Remix)
04 Day Din - Your Love
05 Blackout - Crystal Machine
06 Rinkadink - Disco Decay (Neelix Remix)
07 Salaris - Hipsters Tube
08 Kularis - Citysoundz
09 Bitcrusher - Horny Freak

Nine exclusive PsyProgressive treats compiled by DJ Planet B.E.N. and DJ Magical. Second part of our compilation series Area 51 is coming with nine exclusive PsyProgressive treats.

Ranging from hypnotic and pushing to irrestibly light and dreamy Trance tunes, with some catchy, kicking ProgDisco candy on top. All tracks dance floor proved!

Area 51 Vol2, like the first part, was compiled by DJ Planet B.E.N. und DJ Magical.

DJ Magical is well known in Germany, being a very active part of the scene especially in the North for ages, not only on stage, but behind the scenes as well. He isAandR at Planet B.E.N. Records, being in charge of Progressive Trance.

Area 51 is named after a successful trance event Magical is enchanting the vivid Hamburg psy scene with once a year. Next Area 51 party will be some nice open air gathering on Saturday, August 19, 2006 in Northern Germany.

Planet B.E.N. Records is the Japan based label run by German artist DJ Planet B.E.N. Ben is one of the leading acts on the international Psytrance scene, he has worked with many well known artists and played side to side with all the big names around the world.

Rinkadink - Disco Decay (Neelix Remix)

"I'm the great big rock boy, feel my bass you will obey, open up and lose yourself, disco beats they will decay..."

Various Artists - Area 51 vol 2: Front