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Various Artists - Assassi:Nations

Various Artists - Assassi:Nations
Typecompilation, CD


01 Alien Project - Midnight Sun (GMS remix)
02 Meathead Productions - The Big Ship
03 1300 Mics - Salvia Divinorum
04 Alien Project vs Astrix - Genetic Eyes
05 D-Tek & Dr. Panic - Psychedelic Cowboy
06 Zorba feat. Chicago - The Rush
07 Logic Bomb - Lodjik
08 The Antidote - Have a Drink
09 Synthetic - The Mummy

Alien Project vs Astrix - Genetic Eyes

'I don't know such stuff. I just do eyes, just eyes, genetic design.'

'If only you've seen what I've seen with your eyes'


From the movie 'Blade Runner'

Blade Runner

Various Artists - Assassi:Nations: Front
Various Artists - Assassi:Nations: Back
Various Artists - Assassi:Nations: Inside
Various Artists - Assassi:Nations: Inside 2