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Various Artists - At The Source

Various Artists - At The Source
LabelLa Magica Boutique
Typecompilation, CD


01 Electric Sheep - Spiritual Spaghetti
02 Aphid Moon - Psyfer
03 Sismic - Smashing Stars
04 Lucas & Pogo - No Left Turn Unstoned
05 Scorb - Circardian
06 Mystik Luminate - Nerrve Damaage
07 Mood Deluxe - Reptilian Schmilian
08 Tantrix - Extraordinary World
09 Flooting Grooves - Reality Cheque

After spending years of passion on working to increase the Trance scene, Piero and Luca are more than enthusiastic to present their first compilation.
At the source is based on travelling, exchanges, gifts...a well balanced mixture of funky solidity, pure dance and vibration. A 9 track journey through South Africa, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the U.S.
The soft ethno-funky touch of Flooting Groves, the fresh, delicate retro of Tantrix and Sismic, the certainity of Lucas, Pogo and Aphid Moon, Mood Deluxe's breakbeat-touch, the deep theatrical Scorb, the psychedelic experiments of Electric Sheep and the cerebral dissonances of Mystic Luminate:
Are you a dreamer? Are you a mystic? Are you a hunter? Are you a lover? Let's go to the source!!

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