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Various Artists - Avalanche of Sound 4

Various Artists - Avalanche of Sound 4
LabelAvalanche Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Transmotion - Ultraviolet
02 Metrobasement - New Economy (LaForge Remix)
03 Beckers - Switch
04 Hardy Heller vs Inkfish - Swallowed By The Light (Andre Absolut Remix)
05 SBK - Miles & More
06 Fishead - Autorock (3rd Movement Remix)
07 Dub Disaster - Sausage Dip (Philo Remix)
08 Antix - Little Honey
09 Josel & Pedro - Lonely Future
10 Marco Canedy - Deep Blue

Transmotion - Ultraviolet

What were they hiding from?
Bad people for one. People who wanted
to imprison them. Hurt them.
Your eye frames. They don't seem to
have any lenses in them.
They're my dad's. The lenses hurt my eyes.
What was that you were saying
before with your soldiers? Day pro fun.
...De profundis clamo ad te domine.
It's called Latin. It's a language.
All your soldiers speak Latin?
No, just one.
Are you a good doctor?
I use to be.
I got an award once. From the Mayor.
It had an expensive frame.

From the movie 'The Sixth Sense'

The Sixth Sense

Beckers - Switch

All I really want is You
Not just a glamour boy
Don't tell me what i got to do
I'm not your party toy
I know, that I'm a kind of bitch
And I like to destroy
But now, it's really time to SWITCH
I give you endless joy'

Various Artists - Avalanche of Sound 4: Front