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Various Artists - Aztec Vibes

Various Artists - Aztec Vibes
LabelSounds Of Sanity Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Odiseo vs Imix - Some Form Of Communication
02 Vulcano - Espada
03 Xibalba - Deeper Emotions (Ecliptic Remix)
04 Toast & Froast - Sounds Of Insanity
05 Xibalba - Adios
06 Quetzsound - Obsidian Eyes
07 DDT - Darkness
08 Teen Sluts - Broasting Tike
09 Solar Gliders - Rain Dance
10 Borj - Espiral De Luz

Sounds of Sanity is a young Mexican label focus on bringing the very best of electronic music no matter what genre. Founded by Carlos Moreno (DJ Parageo) and Oscar Moreno (DJ Pax) in 2004 with their first party, their main goal is to unify the electronic movement and break the barriers that has been built separating Progressive Trance, Full on Trance, Techtrance, Ambient, Chill out, etc. and present electronic music as it is, one united movement.

This is a compilation of some of the best projects in the Mexican scene. This is a musical journey that brings out the energy and strength of the ancient warriors that one day stepped on this land and a very good example of what modern Aztecs are doing now days. The compilation is mastered by Eat Static's Merv Pepler at Lab UFO Studios England.