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Various Artists - Back To Galaxy

Various Artists - Back To Galaxy
LabelCom.Pact Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Astral Projection - Back To Galaxy (Compiled By Astral Projection)


01 Astral Projection - Open Society
02 Electro Sun - I Q
03 Bizzare Contact vs Ultravoice - Ultrabizzy
04 Space Cat vs Onyx - Time Wolers
05 Xerox - Science Is God (Ultravoice Remix)
06 U-Recken - The Other Side (Visual Paradox edit)
07 Visual Contact - Natural Vibes
08 Ferbi Boys vs Bizzare Contact - Super heroes
09 Cosmic Tone - Bite The Moon
10 Wizzy Noise - Tubeless (Lish Remix)

Astral Projection - Open Society

We are acutely sensitive to the need to vigorously protect our liberties as we secure and guard our security. We endorse many of the actions taken in the week, err, in the wake of 9/11 to facilitate government action and information sharing. But we stress that these measures need to be accompanied by a commitment to our open society and the principle of review – safeguards that are built into the process, and accompanied by vigorous oversight. We must, after all is said and done, preserve the liberties that we are fighting for.

Public Statement: Release of 9/11 Commission Report, The Hon. Thomas H. Kean and the Hon. Lee H. Hamilton

Various Artists - Back To Galaxy: Front