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Various Artists - Backwash

Various Artists - Backwash
LabelWired Music
Typecompilation, CD

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Protoculture - Backwash Compiled By DJ Feio (Part 1)


01 Stricktwice - Fet Pet
02 Audio-X - And We Survive
03 Mad Hatters - Red Glass
04 Twilight - Mexican Pipeline
05 Tactic Mind & Intersys - Pitch Bender
06 Solar System - Majestic
07 Skulptor & Waio - Deep Ocean
08 Ultravoice - Green Bowl
09 Soundformer - Halucinate
10 Audio Cactus - Music Is My Family

01 Wrecked Machines vs Pixel - Face It (Growling Machines Live Remix)
02 Krunch - West Model (New Edit)
03 Dejavoo - Versotran
04 Shanti vs D-Tek - Universal Test (Life Style Remix)
05 Vibra - Visual Distorcion
06 Species - Yellow (Remix)
07 Talamasca feat. Jeremy - Take off Man (Cosmonet Remix)
08 Cosmic Tone - Frequency Control
09 Atomic Pulse vs Protoculture - Robotico (Remix)
10 S-Range - Broadcast (Trautonium Remix)
11 James Monro - X-perience

The label Wired Music releases the compilation "Backwash" by DJ Feio, one of the most famous DJs in Brazil and producer of the major "Open Air" party in the World, XXXperience. The double CD features well known artists and new up and coming talented projects in worldwide trance scene. The 21 tracks present an authentic and innovative repertory with many Brazilian projects and partnerships between famous artists, such as Atomiculture (Atomic Pulse + Protoculture).

The album brings a wide range of new international producers showing a high quality work like Spiecies, from Belgrade, Twilight, from Mexico, and Dejavoo, from England. Skulptor, AudioX, Life Style, Cosmonet, Mad Hatters and Wrecked Machines are the Brazilian artists that stand out. The CD is almost totally made up of exclusive tracks.

To name the album, Feio chose the expression "Backwash" that, in the surf culture, means the crash of waves. "Backwash in surfing is when a wave breaks near the shore, goes back to the sea and collides with another wave that is coming. The compilation Backwash is the collision between generations that creates a new phase for trance music".

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