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Various Artists - Balagan

Various Artists - Balagan
LabelSymbiosis Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 MFG - Desert Sun
02 Astral Projection - Ocean
03 Phreaky - Paranormal Activity
04 Chakra - Hallucinator
05 Sandman - Tripulogic
06 Sandman - G-Force
07 MFG - Shape The Future
08 Inscape - Atlantis

MFG - Desert Sun

'I want some more.'

Taken from movie 'Interview with the vampire'

Interview with a vampire

Chakra - Hallucinator

'I have a power to control your mind'

MFG - Shape the Future

'Shape the future.'

Inscape - Atlantis

'I know some of us has doubts about what we are about to do..... human beings, paraphs the world is in our hands.'

Taken from movie 'Outbreak'


Various Artists - Balagan: Front
Various Artists - Balagan: Back
Various Artists - Balagan: Inside
Various Artists - Balagan: Inside 2
Various Artists - Balagan: CD