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Various Artists - Based On A True Story

Various Artists - Based On A True Story
LabelAlien News Records
Typecompilation, vinyl


01 Laurine Frost - Aquatica
02 One Night Stand - Minor Thoughts
03 Jab - My Pillow Smells Like Me
04 Jey Fever - Protein
05 Mario Piu, Ricky Fobis & Lady Brian - Hal9000
06 K300 - Good Old Future
07 Thats - A Smart Thing To Say (Italectro Operetta Remix)

In an age that sees young and old record labels pass on with little fanfare, 10 strong years of Hadshot Haheizar is no reason to keep quiet.Always pushing ahead of the trends while leaving the imitators in the dust, the unending hunt for inventive sounds has seen the musical evolution of Hadshot take a variety of twists and turns while never losing its ear for excellence.

To celebrate this anniversary, label chief DJ Yaniv ups the ante to give the most original output the label has seen in years. Wi th 8 exclusive new tracks alongside a pair of proven dancefloor burners making their first appearance on CD, Based on a True Story shows that 10 years is merely the beginning for Hadshot, with more than enough fresh ideas to keep surprising for another decade.