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Various Artists - Basstardz

Various Artists - Basstardz
LabelPixan Recordings
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Basstardz


01 Hyper Frequencies - Smokers Paradise (Remix)
02 Zebra-N - Glooblala
03 Xatrik - Frankie Five Of Diamonds
04 Hypno - Ranpage
05 Blisargon Demogorgon - Wrong Murder
06 3plT - Boogieman
07 BON - Mental Swing
08 Wizard Lizard - Mechanik Vibrations
09 Seroxat - Fire Zone
10 Toxic - SOS Tasis

After the debut with 'Keepers of Freakuencies' Pixan recordings come out again with the second release 'Basstardz' going on with promoting its deep and solid nighttime twisted sounds.

Compiled by the label manager Tommi, 'Basstardz' as the name suggests, concentrates on stimulating the base charka with low frequency basslines. So ground yourself and get ready to be stimulated!

Various Artists - Basstardz: Front
Various Artists - Basstardz: Back
Various Artists - Basstardz: Inside
Various Artists - Basstardz: Inside 2