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Various Artists - Best Of Noga

Various Artists - Best Of Noga
LabelNoga Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Freaked Frequency - Say
02 Electro Sun - Double Trouble
03 Ananda Shake - Wise Of L.S.D
04 Electro Sun vs Visual Contact - Facing The Future
05 Vibe Tribe vs Spade - Supernatural
06 Sesto Sento vs Space Cat - Getting High Power (Cosmic Tone Remix)
07 Ziki vs Sesto Sento - Trance N Roll
08 System Nipel feat. Electra - Game On
09 Vibe Tribe - Kick The Base
10 Cosmic Tone vs Aquatica - Smack The Power Up
11 Gataka vs Apocalypse vs Gilix - In My Mind
12 Ziki vs Electro Sun - Eliminator
13 Aquatica - Side Off (Cosmic Tone Remix)
14 Sesto Sento - Groove It

The Best of Noga (Records) compiled and mix by leading, Japanese based Dj/Producer Ziki.

Noga Records is considered without doubt as one of the leading label, artist management and distribution team in Japan today. Known for its articulate and cutting edge releases in the field of Full On trance, Noga records and its strategic partners have been setting the tone no only in Japan but also globally.

Collaborating with numerous party promotion teams all over Japan, especially 'TPE' (Tokyo), Noga Records team of international artists have been blasting events and uplifting party goers, dominating the vibrant Japanese trance scene.

Dj Ziki is Noga records leading man, he has handpicked and Mixed! this powerful and magical selection of uplifting full-on trance hits, all have been proven as dance floor breakers.

This wide selection of tracks feature established international producers such as: Aquatica, Ananda Shake, Electro Sun, Cosmic Tone, Freaked Frequency, Gataka, System Nipel, Sesto Sento, Vibe Tribe, Ziki and much more. This is yet another exciting release from Noga Records, grab it while it lasts

Various Artists - Best Of Noga: Front