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Various Artists - Beyond Colour

Various Artists - Beyond Colour
LabelTIP Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 GMS - 1.3 crumbs
02 E-Rection - Out here we are stoned (X-Dream remix)
03 Snake Thing - Blizzard of Ooze
04 Organic Noise - Spastic Elastic
05 Systembusters - Godzilla
06 Psychopod - Friagram (GMS Remix)
07 Hallucinogen - Magik
08 Mudspirit - Worm Hole
09 Psychopod - Seriaf

E-Rection - Out Here We are Stoned (X-Dream Remix)

'Out here we are stoned.'

Jim Morrison from the song 'The Doors - Stoned Immaculate'

Hallucinogen - Magik

'It is good. Computational systems are at 33%....'

'It's absolutely mmmmagick. [...] Mmmmmagick.'

Hallucinogen - Magik

Overload! its gonna blow! It's still connected! No! NOOO!

It is good... computational systems have begun merging with bionic amplifications. They are ready! Only the energy combined is required.

They'll be ab-soluuuutelyyyy maaaagik.... mmmmaaagik. They'll be ab-solutely maaagik.... mmmmaaagik.... mmmmaaagik!

We never thought we were going to find the most fantastic thing ever!

Hey, you did brought me on my nerve-side! How're YOU DOIN'? Wheeeeere AAAARE YOUUU?

Various Artists - Beyond Colour: Front
Various Artists - Beyond Colour: Back
Various Artists - Beyond Colour: Back 2
Various Artists - Beyond Colour: Inside
Various Artists - Beyond Colour: Inside 2
Various Artists - Beyond Colour: Inside 3