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Various Artists - Biomechanik Impulse

Various Artists - Biomechanik Impulse
LabelBiomechanix Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Biomechanik Impulse


01 Hadouken - Liberty Radio
02 Tube - In the Begining
03 Nature Disaster - New Age
04 DarkPsy - Let's Rock
05 Hadouken & Shadai & T.D.R. - Armies of the Night
06 Psychotic Micro - The Prayer
07 Speedball - Do It
08 Raz - Speedy
09 Neo Genetec - Dirty Bitch
10 Star Scream & Shadai & T.D.R. - Evil Hunters (Joker Remix)

The Biomechanic Impulse, the earthly matters along with the machine make this great combination that is known as a new form of spiritual comunication and feed to the soul 'music'. Biomechanix records is released into the immense world of music with our first compilation called 'Biomechanik impulse'. Compiled by dj Avizz manager of Biomechanix Records who make this dream thinking on his principal porpouse that is to bring a lot of support to new talents not only from Mèxico but from the rest of the world.

Various Artists - Biomechanik Impulse: Front