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Various Artists - Biomechanikal Twister

Various Artists - Biomechanikal Twister
LabelTemple Twisters Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Kerosene Club - Technology Gone Bad
02 Kindzadza - Ginger Lemm
03 Stranger - Analog Monsters
04 Karash - The Hand Of Fate
05 Kashyyyk - Galaxy Federation
06 Furious & Gorump Peyya - So Much Hope For Nothing
07 Kerosene Club - Solar Tempestade
08 Digitalist vs Mubali - Biochemical Circle
09 Seth - Undo
10 Demoniac Insomniac - Energy Balls Transformers

The year is 2009.Temple Twisters Recs of india join forces with new Monster label from Barcelona,Spain,Biomechanikal Recs
to bring your explored mind and well- travelled feet a psychedelic experience concocted by Drope & CTC (Spain) .Featuring Kindzadza,stranger,Kerosene Club,Mubali,Furiouspeyya,Digitalist,Seth,Demoniac Insomaniac,Karash.Kashhyyk.This Monsta Cd is going take you to places and dimensions unexplored ,all wrapped up in a kaleidoscopic twister created by these 2 labels .Psychedelic Madness unlimited.

Go ahead ,make your ears and mind feel the energy amidst the frequencies of the Biomechanikal Twister.

R u ready to get sucked into the BioMechanikal Twister?