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Various Artists - Black Flares Blue Noise

Various Artists - Black Flares Blue Noise
LabelMutagen Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Sinewave - Sunshine
02 Metaphase - Progression
03 M-Theory - Oversoul
04 Ejekt - Cataclysm
05 Journey - Third Face Of The Medal
06 Burn In Noise - 147
07 Klose Cation - Direct Source
08 Valid 8 - Sol
09 Rodeo Clowns - Daddy Computer

BlackFlaires BlueNoise is the first compilation release from Mutagen Records compiled by Dj MIf (label founder and manager). This release is a collection of morning full on tracks from big world renowned artists to new comers to the scene and the label. Such veterans in the scene as E Jekt, Burn In Noise, Sinewave as well as new comers such as M Theory, Journey Valid 8 aka Alchemix, RodeoClowns and Metaphase. This cd takes you on a journey through the realms of the morning to day time where the cd will uplift you and hypnotise you driven you by the strong precussion, to take you on a journey never experienced before by the listener. So get the cd whack it in your cd player and go on a journey you will never forget.

Various Artists - Black Flares Blue Noise: Front