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Various Artists - Blackout

Various Artists - Blackout
LabelElectric Power Pole Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Product Placement - Menacing Vibrations
02 Sensient - Mind Breath
03 Hedonix - All Hail Discordia
04 Dusty - N-hoffman
05 Pulsar - Mad Groove Engine
06 Sensum - Bunker Beats
07 Artax - Le Frequence
08 Melee - Get It Off
09 Temporary Unknown - Vicious Delicious
10 Ploogle - Cascading Geometry

Blackout is the third release from electric power pole records. This time the lights are out for e.p.p's chunky, funky, hypnotic and twisted take on music made for the night-time dance floor. With a mix of new and established artists from Australia and the rest of the world, this one is set to blast your bed socks off!