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Various Artists - Bluetooth

LabelKoyote Records
Typecompilation, vinyl


01 Supersonic Dolls - Ballroom Deluxe
02 Machineries of Heaven - Angelcage
03 Silk - Epicurus
04 Aeternum - Flow
05 Psychoid - Menagerie
06 Mr Peculiar - Elephantitis
07 Xenomorph - Malkuth Temple
08 Monolyte Altaraz - Interstellar Adventures

Xenomorph - Malkuth Temple

... numbers, it's not easy to decipher, the original text has been distorted over the years. Distorted? Rewritten, writing upon the writing. Sometimes two, three times and then properly erased. You can still see some writing... What is it?

What are you doing in my temple?