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Various Artists - Bounty Hunters

Various Artists - Bounty Hunters
LabelActive Meditation Music
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Bounty Hunters


01 Antagon - Symbolic
02 Ankur - Evissam
03 Furious - Acid Bluez
04 Karash - Energy Trap
05 Demonica Insomniac vs Insector - Whatever
06 Magma Ohm - U'll Not Survive Alive
07 Kobold Instinct - From Mars
08 Kasatka - Incomming
09 Wizack Twizack - The Explorer (Terratech Remix)
10 Necropsycho - Floukore

The transformers inhabit a vast densly populated universe filled with
strange characters.their abode reflects a large tapestry of stories and
experiences that together form something larger and more meaningful.
This VA explores the different dimensions of music produced by strong
talents who work tirelessy to bring you sounds that will take you to the
edge of insanity and beyond. The sound of tomorrow has come!
Besides including various styles from dark, deep, and atmospheric to
fast and powerful night music.
The album is also psychedelic and intense with hard basslines and fat
kicks with tempos ranging from 150bpm to 172 bpm suitable for
dancefloors 24/7.
The intent of this va is to turn away from the "devlish 666 stereotype" music and focus on just the darker and more
vibrant side of psychdelic trance.
bounty hunters is nothing more than the quest for high technology music and high quality produced sound.
Get ready for the summer and dance with the active meditation music crew!
Compiled by dj corious with the help and tracks from an international roster of artists from russia, brazil, morocco,
germany and many more.
It is a collection of killer sounds that is ensured to take you along into a new space where the creation of a whole new world in our mind becomes reality.
So don't fear the "darkness"-be a part of it (or embrace it)