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Various Artists - Breaking News

Various Artists - Breaking News
LabelMagma Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Virtual Attack vs Dj Nicholas - Inside My Head
02 Delirious - Quick Silver
03 Sundose - Drop It
04 Synsun - Sigumo Killer
05 Virtual Attack - Phoenix (Synsun Remix)
06 Digital Tribe - Digital Strangers
07 Volcano - Pitch Shift
08 Freedom Fighters & Analyzer - Stereo Junkies
09 Plasmoon - Chocolate
10 Brain Damage & Toxic Toy - Stimulating Material

Magma Records proud To present: 'Breaking News' Nir Amilyaner (Israel) and Miguel Angel Zavala (Mexico) form the musical group, Virtual Attack, and are considered as one of the most uprising artists in the global Trance scene.'Breaking News' consists of 10 breathtaking tracks produced by leading international producers signed with top labels such as: HOMmega, Phonokol, Utopia, and of course Magma, the mother ship.

10 powerful dance floor hits, fussing in a remarkable selection of track, each bearing its own distinct sound and ideas, yet nesting together seemingly. 'Breaking News' features tracks by Delirious, Virtual Attack, Digital Tribe, SunDose, Brain Damage, Synsun, Freedom Fighters, Plasmoon and newcomers, Toxic Toy and Volcano.The compilation starts of with unique, uplifting Full-on, flowing to massive hard beats destined to shatter the dance floor and closes of with magical minimalist elements ejecting the listener to much calmer realms.

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