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Various Artists - Buddha Power

Various Artists - Buddha Power
LabelTrip Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Arsenic - Global Assembly
02 Entropy - Infinity Inspayring
03 Far East Ghost - Widow Maker
04 Midi Hippie Warriors - The Piraty
05 Mondo - Kaikinisshoku
06 Stranger - Snake Move
07 Samadhi - Flash Back
08 Claw - Brain Scare
09 Ocelot - Shake It

Trip Records is a new label from Japan, born from the very popular trance-clothing brand "Trip Travel", originally from the east side of Tokyo but now expanding throughout Japan. The brand has a big following particularly among the fans of underground dark psy-trance. DJ TripTravel (aka Takuya & Atsushi) compiled new cutting edge tracks with assistance from Manic Dragon Records and this CD is the fruit of their effort ! 9 previously unreleased gems from the cream of today's international producers: Aresenic, Enrtropy, Far East Ghost, Middie Hippie Warriors (Kindzadza vs Kraft), Mondo, Stranger, Samadhi, Claw and Ocelot !

Various Artists - Buddha Power: Front