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Various Artists - Bush Food

Various Artists - Bush Food
LabelZenon Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Bush Food


01 Tetrameth - Grinder Reminder
02 Sun Control Species - Coma Aroma
03 One Tasty Morsel - Renegasm
04 Sensient - Loose Fingers
05 Autonomech - Minimonstas
06 Shadow Fx - Session On
07 Tristan Boyle - Neshika Bavakasha
08 Decoy - Crop Circles
09 Spoonbill - Wash Cycle

Bush Food is a VA showcasing the sound of the Australian outdoor electronic scene. It is food for the mind and soul, designed to last long after the dancefloor moment has come and gone. All artists featured are part of the Australian Zenon collective, a group of like minded individuals with a common artistic direction. To take our inspirations and experiences gained from the outdoor party scene and each other, and channel them into pure audio expression. With a strong sense of musicality and a high production aesthetic, we hope to capture some of the essence of what is a special time and place to be alive.

Various Artists - Bush Food: Front
Various Artists - Bush Food: Back
Various Artists - Bush Food: Inside
Various Artists - Bush Food: CD