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Various Artists - Ca.Cu.Bo

Various Artists - Ca.Cu.Bo
LabelSolarsiv Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Polaris - Music Vibration
02 Drugon - C-Lans
03 Intelabeam - Moving On Up
04 Vaishiyas - Rolin
05 Hamelin vs Ikki - Tha Lesson
06 Atmospheres - Megatron
07 Sensifeel - Mysterious Land
08 Pulsar - Who Are You
09 Psyborg - Happiness

The compilation encompasses a variety of styles and tastes, representing a full range of artistic collaborations, in particular among labels such as: Hommega, Com.Pact, Solarsiv, Magma, Nano Recs, and Antiworld. We want to give you a taste of all that has been produced inside CaCubo so far in 2006. Special Thanks go out to all Artists who made this project come to life, pitching-in their contribution and creating a varied, powerful compilation, something that truly represents the style and cultural vitality of CaCuBo. The CD comes with 9 tracks that will lead you into a journey through all 7 dance halls and atmospheres of the collective space. In fact while listening to the CD you will feel projected in the surreal ambience of the different spaces and events inside of CaCuBo. Music, metallic robots, futuristic monsters, fountains, statues, paintings, graffiti, steel, backdrops, open spaces, mix all in to create an intimate and intense atmosphere that will wrap you up in itself. In short, it will feel like a stroll on a different.

Various Artists - Ca.Cu.Bo: Front