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Various Artists - Cannibal Cookbook

Various Artists - Cannibal Cookbook
LabelCannibal Syndrome Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Atlas - Grodan Boll
02 Aremakki - 3-Way Killing System
03 Hishiryo - Boogey Mad Boogie
04 A.D. - Down Under
05 Cannibal Barbecue - Are we what we eat?
06 Katastrof - Cannibal Ferox
07 Phobos Azazel - Delomelanicon
08 Kiriyama - As you stand in silence
09 Spysex - Ghoul Dance
10 Sekt vs Aremakki - Wood Man

Cannibal Syndrome Records proudly presents another compilation full of furious and flipped night music for you to explore. This cookbook is especially dedicated to all the fast-nightmusic-renegades that search the psychedelic scene for the higher beatlimits in psychedelic trance music.

The compilation features freshly cooked beats from acts like Katastrof, Aremakki, A.D., Spysex, Phobos Azazel, Kiriyama, Sekt, Hishiryo, Cannibal Barbecue and Atlas. As the previous release this cannibal compilation will be served in only 500 copies (limited edition).