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Various Artists - Carnage Valley

Various Artists - Carnage Valley
Label9th Circle Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Carnage Valley


01 Paraforce - The Giants Rule The Land
02 Demoniac Insomniac - 2012
03 Jelly Headz - Poison Me
04 Insect Seeker vs Cannibal Barbecue - Homem Bomba
05 Wizack Twizack - De Nada
06 Silent Enemy - The Big Forest
07 Psy4tecks vs Khaos Sektor - Ordinary Vanity
08 Necropsycho - Paradise Of Pain
09 Chaos Oscillator - Infer Galactic
10 Psychoz - Zero Tolerance

Carnage is a Valley is an obscure compilation talking about a valley where all the evil souls are in suffering and burning in eternity. The tracks are between 150 to 160 Bpm, the songs reflect the whole pain and suffering, trying to simulate what those souls have to suffer in that valley. This compilation is participation of artists from the four corners of the world.

Various Artists - Carnage Valley: Front
Various Artists - Carnage Valley: Front 2