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Various Artists - Cerebral Overload

Various Artists - Cerebral Overload
LabelMental Mekanix Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Tranzlation - Night Light
02 Wizack Twizack - There You Go
03 Mentalspark - Cycle Starter
04 Audiopathik - Regis Inferni
05 Blisargon Demogorgon - I Pay For My Mistakes
06 Profile 21 - 4 Little Kittens
07 Stranger - Grab The Crab
08 Zenmind - Mecanic A Love Sequence
09 Tranzlation vs Psylopenguin - The Navigator

We at Mental Mekanix are extremely happy to announce our first release, CEREBRAL OVERLOAD, these nine twisted tales come from story tellers arround the globe, all pitching in there bit to help stimulate and possibly overload your senses,hents the name. These fresh night stompers were gatherd up by Tranzlation and Psylopenguin, two DJs/producers from New Zealand who have a strong passion for the more twisted night oriented side of psychedelic trance.

This compilation is made for the darker hours of the night and features some new upcoming talents aswell as some well know psycho's,............... So sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the journey.......