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Various Artists - Chacruna

Various Artists - Chacruna
LabelEchoes Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Chacruna - Compiled By DJ Gino


01 Liftshift - New Dawn
02 Quantize - Black Rock City
03 Loud - Subinya (Perfect Stranger Remix)
04 Liftshift - Sketchy Business
05 Ace Ventura - M.A.R.S. (Intelabeam Remix)
06 Loopus In Fabula - Blade Runner
07 System 7 - Space Bird (Liquid Soul Remix)
08 Khora - Malagudi Daze (Midimal Remix)
09 Sun Control Species - Techno Babel

Echoes records are proud to present a new original work, coming from a natty research of DJ Gino, within an experimental Cubby of Psychedelic music production.
A new sonic frontier for both veteran attendants as well as new adopters of the worldwide Psy-Trance scene. A fine compilation as unique project of Echoes records concerning this slower and deeper Psy-Trance style, created, managed and promoted by DJ Gino.
He is also organizer and founder of Sonica Festival, nowadays the biggest Italian electronic music gathering.
The spirit of this work aims therefore to convey a team of new talents together with old-school and well known Psy-Trance artists from other mainstream international labels .
The opening tune is an excellent introduction for the new Dutch artist Liftshift, followed by Quantize, an Israeli duo who has become the true spot of this new fresh style.
The third tune is a long and intense remix of a LOUD track made by Perfect Stranger, one of the finest Psychedelic heads from Iboga Records roster. Then again Liftshift with his masterpiece Sketchy Business, of course the most prized and danced tune of the last months for the lovers of this style. Intelabeam from HOMmega Productions is the remixer of M.A.R.S, an Ace Ventura master track released on his last album 'Rebirth'. The memorable Loopus in Fabula is the producer of the sixth tune called Blade Runner, a very cool fusion of Psychedelic, funky and techno sounds.
Doesn't need any introduction the historic british band System7, producers of the successful tune Space Bird; Echoes Records is proud to release on Chacruna Compilation one of their delicious remix thoroughly made by Liquid Soul, another Iboga Records top artist.
A tune from the Australian Kohra, very well remixed from Midimal, a rising talent from Switzerland's Progressive Trance scene, is the next-to-last track, still giving another taste of this fancy Psychedelic stuff, and to close the compilation another old hand from Iboga Records, Sun Control Species, with a fresh tune full of shacked vibes, pumping grooves and peaceful frequencies..
DJ Gino wish you a good listening and a nice trip.

Various Artists - Chacruna: Front