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Various Artists - Change

Various Artists - Change
LabelFlow Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Change


01 Snug as a Bug - Margonzilla
02 Fabel - Relic Raiders
03 Yumade - Fluffin in Side
04 Loopus In Fabula - Syncout
05 Magus - Egos Out
06 Logic Bomb - Psychedelic Pollution
07 Drop Out - Poison Era
08 Wizzy Noise - Wizzy Dominance
09 Tranan - Moody

Snug as a Bug - Margonzilla

'Bob, I want all my Garmonbozia. '

'I am the arm and I sounds like this: ........'

From the movie 'Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me'

Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me

Fabel - Relic Raiders

'What was that, man? What the hell was that? l don't know, man. l was watching this object, like the satellite we saw the other night. And it went right across the sky, man. And then, l mean, it just suddenly, it just changed direction and went whizzing right off. lt flashed. You're stoned out of your mind. Oh, yeah. l'm stoned, man. But, like, l saw a satellite.'

Taken from movie 'Easy Rider'

Easy Rider

Various Artists - Change: Front
Various Artists - Change: Back
Various Artists - Change: Back 2
Various Artists - Change: Inside
Various Artists - Change: Inside 2