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Various Artists - Chronicles

Various Artists - Chronicles
Label5th Element Records
Typecompilation, CD


01 Bodhisattva 13:20 - Fear Conquerer
02 Ocelot - Mvp
03 Rellik Dica - Scream
04 Audiopathik - Abraxas
05 Norwindia - Fredrics Task
06 Darkaholic - Hostile World
07 Matutero - Exorcist
08 Gorump Peyya - Don't Panick
09 Aghori Tantrik - Shiva vs Kali
10 Wicked - Rave In Peace

After a long wait, 5th Element records is proud to present a new record label based in Mexico. The 5th Element Records focuses on the dark scene. Chronicles is their first compilation release, featuring 10 previously unreleased tracks by some of the best in underground sounds from Norway, Macedonia, Greece, India, Mexico and USA. Tracks specially selected to create certain feelings & possible goosebumps. Dedicated to "Megavicpsy" (RIP) father founder of The 5th Element and to all those that are no longer with us. Prepare to make spirits rise and transport the dancefloor to another dimension. Join us on this ride to the unknown and enter the doors of chronicles.

Compiled by: Megavicpsy & Umbra

Various Artists - Chronicles: Front