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Various Artists - Civilysed Chaos

Various Artists - Civilysed Chaos
Typecompilation, CD

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Audiopathik - Civilysed Chaos


01 Guinea Pigs - How To Get By In The U.S.
02 Dark Force - Cow Hypnosis
03 Energy Loop - Like A Walk In The Park
04 Audiopathik - Speak Of The Devil
05 Clockstoppers - Room Function
06 Pz2 - Des Trip Laids
07 Dark Force & Spazzz - Darkenss And The Spirit
08 Electrypnose vs Energy Loop - Dont Kill Me
09 Darknoizz - Lost Pick Up
10 Mindstorm vs Twisted Reaction - Civilysergia

Civilysed Chaos Debuts The New Geo-Israel Branch In A Big Way! Brought To You By International Dj Extrodinaire Dj Spazzz Known For Delivering Uncompromising Unreleased Dj Sets All Over The Globe, Recently Back From His Tour In Japan! Now He Returns To Israel To Present The Hottest Acts Coming From Israel, Mexico And Switzerland, This Collection Of Twisted Mind Bending Mental Blasters Delivers And Then Some. Spazzz Is Honored To Present The Leaders Of The Israel Underground Psy Scene To Kick Off This New Geo Israel Branch Right!

Guinea Pigs - How To Get By In The U.S.

"Yes I'm sorry I do not speak English. ok." @ 3:12

"Yes I'm sorry I do not speak English. ok."
"But, you were just talking...."
"Yes Yes, hot dog, hot dog, yes sir, no sir, maybe, ok.."@ 3:31

From 'Simpsons'