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Various Artists - Climate Change

Various Artists - Climate Change
LabelNutek Records
Typecompilation, CD

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A-Team - Climate Change


01 Switch vs Mekkanikka - Party Starter
02 CPU vs Bliss vs Painkiller vs Massive - Bring It Back
03 Bio Genesis - Musical X-Change
04 Mad Netic - Click The Red Button
05 Azax Syndrom vs Space Tribe - Epidemic
06 Bliss vs Painkiller - Tijuana
07 Chromatone vs Beyond - Tuna Tech
08 Mekkanikka vs Audio Hijack - Pure Sounds
09 Wizard Lizard - Punch Line
10 Exaile vs Delysid - Fast And Furious

We all hope everybody had a blasting summer season. Hopefully some of you had a chance to catch some of Nutek artist performances out there . After powerfull album, released 2 month ago, Mekkanikka, has prepared us a Pure Dancefloor compilation entitled "Climate Change"

Mekkanikka has release 3 solo album so far,, Spitit Zone, Planet BEN rec. and his last opus "Global Warning" on NUTEK Rec.. many tracks on compilation, with labels like 3Dvision to Phantasm, Spiral Trax and many more.."Climate changes" reminds us of the erratic weather patterns we' ve seen around the world, but also as a metaphore of certain change of climate in the scene we are evolving in.With tracks from, CPU , Bliss, Mekkanikka, Painkiller, Bio Genesis, Switch, Madnetic, Massive, Xhaile, Chromatone ,Wizard lizard and Delysid.This one will for sure shake the ground of experienced dancefloor all around the world, preparing us for the year to come, a glimpse of what a Nutek spring should sound like !!!!!
All the best , From the Nutek crew, !!!!!

Various Artists - Climate Change: Front