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Various Artists - Colour Saturation

Various Artists - Colour Saturation
LabelSpace Tribe Music
Typecompilation, CD

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DARK NEBULA - Colour Saturation


01 ESP - Midsummer Night's Dream
02 The 3 Musketeers - Into The Brain
03 Space Tribe & Psywalker - Short Term What????
04 Electric Universe - Mind Of God
05 Sirius Isness & Theoreme - Implants
06 Dark Nebula - Parallel Universe
07 Space Tribe - Don't Believe The Truth
08 Psywalker - Psykick Situation
09 Menog - Violent Operation

Colour Saturation is a psychedlic bomb, guaranteed to blow minds, shred speakers & cause mayhem on the dance floor.

Colour Saturation is the 4th album from Space Tribe Music -Full Power 4th Dimensional Sounds, scorching synth basslines , searing leads, breathtaking crescendos & scintilating electric beats. Audio treats crafted to alter your Senses, & send the dancefloor ablaze.

Compiled by Olli Wisdom, Colour Saturation features 9 fantastic tracks from some of the most cutting-edge Psy-Trance acts on the planet from Australia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Japan & Israel.

ESP is a collaboration between Space Tribe & Electric Universe. The 3 Mosqueteers is CPU & Inner Action), thewse together with Space Tribe & Psywalker - Electric Universe - Sirius Isness & Theoreme - Implants – Dark Nebula – Space Tribe – Menog make up the rest of this irresistible compilation.

Dark Nebula - Parallel Universe

'Just when you thought it was safe to explore the universe.'

'Parallel universe.'

'Start the countdown prepare yourselves for the ride of your life. Let's ROCK! I wanna rock.'

'There is a universe in all of us.'

Various Artists - Colour Saturation: Front
Various Artists - Colour Saturation: Back
Various Artists - Colour Saturation: Inside
Various Artists - Colour Saturation: Inside 2